3 important news from Adobe in its products

A few days after the great Adobe Max event, where we will see the news of the company, Adobe has been presenting updates of its products in recent days, and here I am going to summarize them so that you do not lose detail of what is moving in the sector of graphic design.

Premiere Pro: They have a new feature that allows you to apply smart color corrections with a single click. This is Auto Tone, designed to streamline work, now available in public beta. With it we can speed up color correction, and newbies can use it as a guide to familiarize themselves with the Lumetri tools. This function uses all the Basic Correction settings, providing more accurate results that will continue to improve over time as the algorithm evolves.

You can see an example of use and first tweet.

Photoshop Elements y Premiere Elements 2022– has released the new version of photo and video editing software for non-professionals. They add new functions powered by Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence, allowing ordinary photos to be transformed into animations or works of art, for example. They comment on it in detail on the Adobe blog in Spanish, where it is possible to see from the functions that allow you to put one image inside another, perfectly adjusted (see the example below of the palm trees in the glasses), to those that animate a photo of a child with snowflakes or transform a photo of a sunflower in a painting (as you can see in the illustration that heads the article).

New masking capabilities– Featured as the biggest change in selective photo enhancement since 2008. It gives us more control over photo selection with features coming soon to Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom for desktop and mobile devices.

In this tweet you have an example:

As you can see, they do not stop, but all this is little with what they are expected to present at the end of this month, so stay tuned, because Adobe MAX is coming.

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