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A heated Viomi thermos is available for HUF 6,300

A Viomi YM-K0401 one such made of stainless steel made a thermos that is 80 millimeters in diameter and 225 millimeters high. Its relatively large size is justified by the fact that the useful volume is 400 ml, from it also has heating electronics that can actively heat the water. A 300 watts boils the contents of the thermos to boiling point with power when you press the button on the device, hpress twice and then heat to 50 degrees Celsiusand then shuts down. It constantly measures the temperature and also has a safety function that shuts it down so you don’t overheat the water. The bottle is not fast, though the total boil is no more than 6-8 minutes.

The thermos does not have a battery, but a power cord with a plug at the end. This is found in a hidden compartment at the bottom of the bottle. Unfortunately, it is not an EU plug, so it can only be used at home with a converter.

The product is interesting, no doubt, but the question is what it is good for. For example it can be used for travel, it is also suitable for making tea and even for making quick soup. After all, it’s a portable kettle that keeps our drinks warm, and we can boil its contents again anywhere (where there’s an outlet).

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