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Active Noise Canceling Edifier tabs can be ordered cheaper than the domestic price

The Edifier W820NB it has been on the market for some time, so it may be familiar to many. In the widget two 40mm dynamic drives is and supports AAC and SBC codecs. The active noise filtering one of its most defining features is knowing that it monitors outside noise and then extinguishes it by generating an opposite sound. This it also works while listening to music and making phone calls, but can even be turned off. There is an ‘ambient’ way also, and in this case, it directly amplifies the noises of the outside world so that we can hear them while a music is coming when a car comes or announces something to the loudspeaker.

The ears works wirelessly, the voice transmission is via Bluetooth 5.0, and is powered by a built-in battery that charges it lasts 29 hours with noise filtering and 49 hours without it. Recharge Type-C porton can be through.

The top of the headphones is padded and can be resized with the standard double-sided slider mechanism. On the right are the controls, where you will find a power button, a volume control and a multifunction button. We can move between numbers, call up a voice assistant, manage calls and switch modes.

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