Big Moments, Google’s selection of breaking news

Google is already a flight search engine, price comparator, calculator … there are many functions that have been added to its search engine, but displaying news continues to be one of the main pillars.

We are not just talking about Google Discover or Google News, we are talking now about a new feature they are developing for breaking news, a feature called Big Moments.

They spread it in the middle The information, where they indicate that the objective is to highlight information about what has happened in the last hours, and to do it in real time, as it could not be different in this sector.

Apparently they have been developing the function for more than a year, they have been doing it carefully to be able to stand out in the selection of news, focusing on what is happening, not what has already happened. If there is a blackout in a city, we cannot wait hours to find out what happened and how it was solved, they want to have all the data so that the information flows constantly, just like it happens on Twitter.

In addition to showing what is happening, we will also have access to the context of the event (when possible). In the case of a natural disaster, for example, it will provide information on the type of disaster, as well as data on injuries, deaths or even the frequency of this phenomenon in the affected region.

They will use open information, such as Data Commons, sources that obtain data from government agencies, and will use Artificial Intelligence to select the information that should be displayed.

Content decisions will be made by algorithms, something quite controversial in this case, since it directly affects the foundations of what we consider journalism.

Be that as it may, the feature has already been tested in some limited cases, but they haven’t reported when it will be available globally to all users.

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