Discover this superb Adidas x Microsoft collab!

They’re green, they’re beautiful, and… we don’t know how to get them yet.

It’s been 20 years since Microsoft entered the video game market with its very first Xbox console. For the occasion, the brand has just unveiled the fruit of its new collaboration with Adidas, which is none other thana pair of sneakers in the iconic console colors.

Several months ago there were rumors about a possible paire de sneakers Xbox, but their design was very different, especially in terms of colors. Indeed, the prototype that was relayed at the time was mostly black with a pair of green laces. The pair presented today is directly inspired by the color green sported by the Xbox brand since its inception.

The soles are neon yellow and the laces are decorated with a striped pattern. Finally, a few touches of black soften the general look of the shoe, which is far from going unnoticed. The Xbox logo completes the whole thing by being displayed on the top of the tongue.

The first of a new range?

To top it off, this will obviously not be the last collaboration between the manufacturer and Adidas, according to an Xbox representative:

“This is just the start of our partnership with Adidas, and over the next few months we will continue to celebrate our 20th anniversary by launching more sneakers inspired by generations past and present of the Xbox console, including the very first pair that our fans can buy, later in the year ”.

Microsoft, however, did not specify whether this pair will be offered to certain players, and if so, under what conditions. However, other sneakers await fans of the brand, and we can obviously expect at least two by the end of the year.

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