Electric mobility: Italvolt plant grows Battery factory in Italy

Electric cars will become the dominant power source for passenger cars in the years to come. The need for batteries is correspondingly great. Lars Carlstrom also wants to benefit from this. He founded the Italvolt company and, according to his own statements, plans to build “one of the largest gigafactories in Europe for the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles” in Scarmagno in northern Italy.

The annual capacity should be 45 GWh, which should be enough for around 550,000 electric cars. The factory is being built on the former site of the computer manufacturer Olivetti, and the building was designed by Pininfarina.

Carlstrom has now won the technology group ABB as a partner, which will be responsible for the front-end engineering of the factory. In addition, the two companies have agreed a partnership to accelerate battery production through research into automation and digitization.

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