Expansion of the charging network and 5G: VDA demands more speed and digitization offensive

The German automotive industry has clearly increased the pace of the future federal government in expanding the Charging infrastructure for electric cars and a digitization offensive called for. This requires a nationwide 5G network, said Kurt-Christian Scheel, Managing Director of Politics and Society at the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), at the International Automotive Congress in Zwickau.

“Climate-neutral transport is also our vision as an automotive industry,” said Scheel. This includes climate neutrality in the entire value chain. The combustion engine will, however, play a role for a long time to come, said the VDA managing director and spoke out against a ban.

A problem that is worsening

The lack of computer chips is holding back the recovery of the industry after the corona crisis last year, said Scheel. In 2020, car production in Germany fell by a quarter to 3.5 million vehicles – the lowest level of production since the oil crisis in the mid-1970s. This year a further decrease of 18 percent is expected. A normalization of the semiconductor shortage cannot be expected until next year, said Scheel.

The President of the Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dieter Pfortner, spoke of a problem that was still worsening. Climate protection is not achieved solely through electromobility, he said, pointing to the importance of synthetic fuels. In order to master the change in the automotive industry, profound partnerships are needed. “Production in partnership is the order of the day.” (dpa-AFX / gem)

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