has China (already) taken too far ahead?

For the former Pentagon software director, China is too far ahead. He assures us that “it’s already over”.

While the development of artificial intelligence technologies is booming across the world, Nicolas Chaillan, former director of the Pentagon’s software section is already disappointed by the turn of events. He who resigned at the beginning of last month to protest the slow pace of the American transformation, declared a few days ago at the Financial Times, that China had already taken an irreparable lead in this area. According to him, the Middle Kingdom is heading towards world domination, in particular thanks to its many technological advances.

The lethargy of the US military would put Uncle Sam’s entire country in danger, he said. Pessimistic, he believes that the fight is lost in advance, while relations between China and the United States, very tense under the mandate of Donald Trump, are struggling to calm down. “We have no chance of fighting China in 15 to 20 years. At present, it is even already a settled case. “

The cause is already lost for this elder of the pentagon

According to Chaillan, the problem lies above all in the lack of collaboration between the American state and the new technology companies like google. He explains that if the GAFAM have accumulated so much behind their Chinese counterparts, it is because they are still too reluctant to work for and with the government. He even goes further by asserting that they are now dragging the American state into their downfall.

Still according to Chaillan, the many ethical debates that surround the issue of artificial intelligence have also been a very important brake on innovation in Uncle Sam’s country, while on the other side of the Pacific, Beijing had nothing to do with these metaphysical consultations and continued to develop its AI system.

Chaillan held a very important post in the Pentagon. Today, he is still a much listened to voice within “the American army, even if he is officially no longer part of it ”. The Financial Times reports that it has had several discussions with Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall, in particular giving him several recommendations on the developments to be pursued as a priority.

The Air Force obviously did not want to communicate on this subject, only confirming the discussions, without saying whether or not, the recommendations of the former Pentagon had been followed by his ex-coworkers.

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