How to edit a PDF with the Adobe extension

There are many ways to edit PDF files. Right here, on WWWhatsnew, we have discussed dozens of options in various lists of PDF editing, but today I will talk about the Adobe extension, specially designed for the subject.

Adobe has updated its extension for Chrome, a plugin that now allows quick and simple edits, including the ability to sign PDF documents, something that I recently showed you how to do with the ILovePDF function.

In this case, it is an extension and does not require installing any additional program or making any payment, not even having a payment account with Adobe. What it allows to do is what you see in the capture, including joining pages.

The native default PDF viewer in web browsers is very limited, it only allows you to view, download and print a PDF file, but this extension adds the options to comment, mark, complete and sign PDF files effortlessly from the same window of the Chrome browser.

Being able to make comments on PDF documents, make small adjustments, mark menus, fill in forms and sign documents, is something extremely common in the day-to-day life of those who work with documents, although it is clear that the plugin still cannot do everything it does. a complete PDF application, including Adobe’s Acrobat itself.

adobe pdf

If you want to try it, you can install it from this link. Once installed, you only have to activate the options shown in the upper screenshot to edit the PDF file you are viewing, being necessary to activate it the first time you open a PDF document after installation.

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