How to share passwords with a link securely

Sharing passwords by WhatsApp or by email is never a good idea, and if it is done, it is better to send it encrypted and explain the key to decrypt with a voice call. For example, if you want to divulge the password Esp56 &, you can send it the other way around and change capital letters for lowercase letters, notifying of this change by voice.

In short, there are more and less secure ways to share passwords, but the one that I am going to explain to you today is really practical.

This is a new feature introduced by the password manager 1Password, a program that, like lastpass, securely store our passwords so that we never have to repeat any and do not need to memorize them.

The function it’s called Psst!, and is intended to share links with other people without having to copy-paste the password.

What does Psst! it is something similar to what we do when we share a Google document with someone. We click on the function and create a link specifying when we want it to expire (in an hour, a day, a week, 14 days or 30 days).

Once we have the link and the expiration date, we can put the recipients’ emails or copy the link so that anyone with it can have access to the password in question. In this video they explain the step by step:

When someone receives the link via email, they will first have to confirm the email with a unique code to confirm it, as shown in the video. When sharing with public link, this step is skipped.

Once the access is confirmed, we will see the password on a screen similar to the one shown in the image above.

A good idea to prevent information from getting into the wrong hands, although it requires the password owner to have a 1Password account (recipients do not need to have an account).

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