HTC prepares to shake up the (virtual) world with a new kind of headset

Leak reveals HTC’s future VR headset, the Vive Flow, and it’s promising.

This Thursday, October 14, HTC organizes an event called « Go with the Flow », in order to present certain novelties still kept secret. Really secret? Not for the site Protocol nor Evan Blass, who claim to know the product that HTC plans to announce this Thursday: a new helmet called Vive Flow.

The great peculiarity of this next helmet as described by the leaks is its size. Indeed, while the issue of size still and always confines virtual reality headsets to a niche segment, the HTC Vive Flow should partly solve the problem by approaching the glasses format rather than the headset. We are not yet talking about glasses that could be worn in the middle of the street, but we are gradually getting closer.

But if the look of the device has largely been leaked, it is less the case of its functionalities. We do not know, for example, if the headset is indeed autonomous, that is to say if it can function independently of a computer as does its competitor, the Oculus Quest 2, for example. On the other hand, Evan Blass already mentions an award: 499$.

The other important information of this leak before the HTC conference is the Viveport Verse, a sort of virtual meeting system like Facebook’s metaverse. This virtual world would make it possible to communicate through interposed avatars and to organize events outside of physical space. It will be necessary to wait for the presentation of HTC to find out more. For that, go this Thursday 14 October, from 5 p.m. in France.

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