iPhone 14: This camera would be revolutionary indeed


Only a single camera lens adorns the back of this iPhone 14. That would make Apple waves. Whether this will happen is uncertain, but not completely unrealistic.

With such a camera lens, Apple would certainly set an example.

With such a camera lens, Apple would certainly set an example. (Source: Screenshot YouTube)

  • This concept for an iPhone 14 provides for a single camera for the back of the smartphone.
  • The focal length is 35 millimeters.
  • The industrial designer Laci Lacko is based on the iPhone 7 when it comes to the appearance of the case.

That iPhone 13 is only just available in stores and scores with us in the test in terms of battery and camera technology. The world of technology has long been speculating about the design and technology of the iPhone 14. Here we would like to pay attention to the proposal by industrial designer Laci Lacko, whose concept focuses on the camera qualities of future iPhones.

The Apple phones are market leaders in terms of photo quality. The designer is taking this to the extreme and sealing the next generation of iPhones with powerful camera optics on the back, which are strongly reminiscent of a compact digital camera with a fixed focal length.

Well-known role models

The concept is not based on current rumors about the iPhone 14, it would be too early for that. Such a camera smartphone would not be completely absurd. In the past there was with that Panasonic DMC-CM1 already cell phones that couldn’t deny their proximity to the digital camera. That too Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Galaxy Camera should be mentioned at this point.

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If Apple remains true to its previous release pattern, you can expect the iPhone 14 to be released in autumn 2022. The next Apple event is rumored to be about new MacBook models. Apple also presented new iPads in the past for autumn, but that new iPad Mini 6 has only just arrived in retail.

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