Kagermann on e-mobility: In the end, even more jobs

The head of the government commission on the future of mobility, Henning Kagermann, is optimistic that the climate-neutral conversion of traffic will ultimately create more jobs than destroy them. “On balance, I believe that we will even have more jobs in the end,” said Kagermann on Wednesday in Hamburg at the presentation of the final report of the National Platform for the Future of Mobility (NPM).

The greatest challenge, however, is the subject of employee qualification. “The difficulty is getting there because there are different jobs” and, for example, significantly more experts for digitization and services would be needed, said Kagermann. Qualification in the direction of digitization and service is necessary. “The question is: will I get today’s employment team over to the new world?” It is also important to ensure that as many of the components required for e-mobility as possible can be manufactured competitively in Germany. (dpa / swi)

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