LG takes blame for Chevy Bolt fires and reimburses General Motors $ 1.9 billion

Finally the South Korean LG is going to take care of the resounding recall that he has put to the Chevy Bolt electric cars from General Motors on the front pages of the media.

The supplier of the faulty batteries, which have caused several fires in the US, will reimburse General Motors $ 1.9 billion of the 2,000 million that the recall has cost to date.

They will continue working together (for the account that brings him to General Motors)

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The agreement includes an acknowledgment by LG, which admits manufacturing defects in battery modules that supplies the Detroit giant (among others).

“LG is a valued and respected supplier to GM, and we are pleased to enter into this agreement. Our engineering and manufacturing teams continue to collaborate to accelerate the production of new battery modules and we look forward to beginning repairs to customers’ vehicles this month.” Shilpan Amin, Vice President of Supply Chain of General Motors, said in a brief press release.

The company, led by Mary Barra, has adopted a conciliatory tone for the gallery in the face of the ambitious project that it is up to with LG.

Your packages Ultium batteriespresented two years ago and manufactured by LG, will be the cornerstone of your electrification plan, which includes its own gigafactory in Ohio.

So far General Motors announced in September that would accept the battery supply again by LG, after both companies have located and solved the manufacturing defect that affected both the Chevy Bolt as the EUV SUV.

Chevrolet Bolt Ev See The Savings 1

Now the two companies are going through the process of recalling the units and replacing the battery packs if they detect the cell defect.

To prevent these types of problems from happening again in the future, new battery modules for the recalled Chevrolet Bolts will begin arriving in dealerships in mid-October, and will include a eight year extended warranty about 160,000 km.

Days before the manufacturer asked the owners of these cars that, before the risk of fire, preferably park your vehicles outdoors and 15 meters away from other cars.

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