Positive assessment of the pilot project: MAN and HHLA believe in the potential of autonomous trucks

Autonomous trucks are convinced of the hamburger Logistikkonzerns HHLA and that of the truck manufacturer MAN will make the transport of goods safer and more efficient in just a few years. During the Hamburg mobility congress ITS, both companies drew a positive balance of a pilot project in which self-driving trucks brought containers to the HHLA Terminal Altenwerder in the Port of Hamburg.

MAN Chief Development Officer Frederik Zohm announced that his company would like to bring self-driving trucks to series production from 2030. “Pilot projects such as Hamburg TruckPilot prove that the use of self-driving trucks is technologically feasible and can be efficiently integrated into logistics processes.” Zohm called self-driving trucks “game changers” in transportation.

“Autonomous driving will come. We at HHLA are preparing for it,” said HHLA CEO Angela Titzrath. From the point of view of the two companies, autonomous trucks can also be a solution to the driver shortage, which is increasingly troubling many transport companies.

“Backwards with high precision in the parking position”

In the three-year “TruckPilot” project, which was completed in the summer, the VW subsidiary MAN and HHLA tested how autonomous trucks could be integrated into container handling. To do this, a forwarding company transported a 40-foot container to the terminal on behalf of Volkswagen Group Logistics. “There the truck drove autonomously across the terminal area and moved smoothly in mixed traffic with other road users,” report MAN and HHLA. “It drove to its destination in the block storage lane and also maneuvered backwards with high precision into the parking position. “After the container was handled, the return journey to the gate was just as autonomous. Beyond the terminal area, the driver took control again.

Driverless cars should be able to participate in road traffic in Germany as early as next year. Autonomous vehicles of what is known as level four are then allowed to drive on specified routes in regular operation on public roads. This is a law that the Bundestag and Bundesrat approved in May and which is intended to make Germany a pioneer in autonomous driving. (dpa / gem)

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