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Power 12 is a new throw from Trouver

There is no doubt that a Find a Solo 10 és a Power 11 he kicked the door on the competition with his devices. Those two vacuum cleaners has a very good value for money, and we still consider it a great choice. THE Power 12 seemingly a little detached from cheapness, although it may only be a matter of time before it becomes very low priced, but since your knowledge is also of great enough value, it is not certain that it will come.

The vacuum cleaner is new with brushless motor has what 150 AW szívóerővel has for which the Pressure value 23,000 Pa belongs to. Its strength can be adjusted in three steps, at the weakest grade it holds an entire hour, an average of 27 minutes, and a maximum of 8 minutes. The battery pack can be detached with a quick button, so you can the possibility of using a replacement battery is also provided. It has a five – stage filter system with a six – cyclone unit and a HEPA filter which filters out 99.88% of the dust.

One LED display shows the percentage charge level of the battery, the operating mode and also if something went wrong. By pulling the trigger, we can make the machine work, which can also be fixed with the button with the padlock icon, so there is no need to keep the trigger pressed while working. As an accessory for the machine we get the metal extension tube, motorized rotary head floor cleaner and mite vacuum cleaner, brush reducer, charger and wall-mounted dock.

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