Reddit brings Predictions to play in question and answer tournaments

Reddit adds a little more fun to your platform with the official release of Predictions, a new feature that will allow user participation in tournaments based on guessing the results of future events to be held, whether for sporting, film, or any other kind of events, through the different answer options that will be available to you with the questions.

The new feature builds on the existing survey feature with added gamification features, and that was almost a year in tests in selected subreddits, allowing the participation of more than a million people in all this period of time through the different tournaments held, involving guessing the results of the Hollywood Oscars, of the Formula Grand Prix 1 this year, and this year’s Euros soccer tournament, among others.

In this regard, it must be taken into account that Participation in Predictions tournaments does not imply the use of real money, since instead users will be able to earn tokens based on the hits.

Input, Any user of the platform can participate, both free and paid accounts, initially obtaining 1,000 tokens in each tournament that is added, which may increase depending on the successes they have, or even lose, reaching the fact of being totally zero, and therefore, being left out of its participation.

The tokens obtained will not be transferable from one tournament to another or to other users, serving only to appear in a leaderboard, although from Reddit it contemplates some type of advantage or benefit for users of Premium accounts in the future.

Tournaments can only be created by the moderators of the subreddits in those subreddits that have at least 10,000 members onwards, establishing the corresponding questions and a series of answers on which the participants must bet with the tokens they have available.

In this way, Reddit invites greater user participation on its platform through this new way of entertainment.

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