Riot Games Takes Drastic Action Against Harassment

Riot Games has disabled a feature of its League of Legends game that was primarily used to harass players.

For many months, if not many years, the problem of online harassment has become an important subject in the gaming sphere. Indeed, massively multiplayer games like League of Legends are accessible platforms that make room for many toxic behaviors, which Riot Games wants to put an end to.

Therefore, the studio decided to deactivate the game’s general chat, baptized / all for connoisseurs. This was accessible to all players in a game before it started. For the moment this decision seems to be temporary, as explained by Andrei van Roon, the director of League of Legends. In a post he states:

« While chat / all can be the source of some fun social interaction between teams, […] negative interactions currently outweigh positive ones. We will assess the impact of this change through verbal abuse reports and penalty rates, as well as direct investigations and feedback from you. ».

Why the cat / all in particular?

According to Riot Games, he is one of the cats of League of Legends which has recorded the most cases of nastiness and toxic behavior in recent months. On the networks, many players have pointed out to the studio that the situation is getting worse by the day and that action on its part would be welcome.

However, some are surprised by the approach of Riot Games, which prevents even benevolent players from talking to each other before a game. They surely expected that the studio would do it on a case-by-case basis, or put in place an automatic system to detect insulting comments, which could ban the players concerned.

The other cats in the game remain active

While waiting for the restoration, or not, of the chat / all, Riot Games specifies that the other chats will not be deactivated, and this includes the team chat during the game, or the end-of-game chat which will always be cross-team. . So it doesn’t make that much of a change for a large majority of players.

However, the studio recognizes that the chat in particular is also one of the channels that some players use to insult or harass others about the way they play, among other things. However, Riot Games believes that this is an important cat for team coordination. From our side, we remind you that you can always report a player after a game if he was disrespectful or toxic.

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