State must not be the main beneficiary: Scheuer – New government must prevent high fuel prices

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer sees the future federal government as having an obligation to avoid too much Fuel prices to take countermeasures. “Around two thirds of the gasoline price are influenced by the state with taxes and duties,” said the CSU politician of “Bild” (Wednesday). “At the latest when the price is 1.99 euros per liter, the state must intervene and, in return, lower taxes.” The state must not be the main beneficiary of high fuel prices.

Scheuer called on FDP leader Christian Lindner to implement this in talks with the SPD and the Greens for a traffic light alliance. Lindner called for countermeasures to be taken on the price of petrol during the election campaign. “This is exactly what he has to do now in a traffic light coalition. Otherwise he makes himself unbelievable. And the traffic light already shows how indifferent it is to the concerns of the citizens,” said Scheuer of the newspaper. (dpa / gem)

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