The first autonomous train is presented in Germany

In the same way that autonomous cars continue to evolve in search of that longed-for level 5 of total autonomy, something only achieved in some oriental models, trains also have their own career.

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and Siemens have announced the first automated, driverless train, and it will operate in Hamburg.

There are already similar vehicles that circulate autonomously on the subway tracks of some cities, but in this case we are not talking about exclusive single tracks, we are talking about autonomous trains that can circulate on traditional train tracks, sharing them with other regular operated trains. by humans.

According to the CEO of Deutsche Bahn, Richard Lutz, these trains will not only be more energy efficient, they will also be more punctual than regular trains, and their implementation will be cheap, since you do not have to spend money to make special tracks for them, they will be able to go where the rest of the world’s trains go.

These driverless trains will have 30% more passengers, so it may not be necessary to maintain the same frequency of trains as there are currently.

Still, an operator may be present to supervise the journey, at least in the early stages. Initially, it will be a 23-kilometer stretch of S-Bahn line 21 between Berliner Tor and Bergedorf / Aumühle stations, with a highly automated operation and four trains running with the necessary technology.

Hopefully, yes, they have solutions for emergency braking, and that they do not leave the station if there is someone hooked on the train doors, something common in day to day when we run more than usual so as not to miss the last train of the day.


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