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That’s it: you finally have the latest iPhone 13 in your hands. All you have to do is find the best case to protect your smartphone. Discover the different existing models as well as various essential accessories to take care of your iPhone 13.

On September 14, Apple presented its latest range of iPhones: from mini to Pro Max, the new iPhone 13 are here. “Always more resistant to shocks”. However, at the cost of these devices, it is better to take precautions.

Thus, you can provide yourself with covers but also protective films for the screen or even photo sensors to ensure your back. There are a whole series of them to protect your new acquisition. On this page, we’ll show you the best cases for iPhone 13, as well as other essential accessories to preserve your smartphone.

In 2020, the Cupertino company presented a screen Ceramic Shield more resistant thanks to nano-ceramic crystals. For this new range of iPhone, Apple has made some changes to make the screen even more robust. If tests have proven the toughness of the smartphone after drops from two meters, a bad landing of your iPhone 13 and there it is damaged forever. Wouldn’t that be a shame? This is why a quality case is recommended to improve the lifespan of your phone.

While the price of the iPhone 13 is between 809 and 1,839 euros, it is better to take care of it. We warmly advise you to reinforce your iPhone with the best possible shell and even with a protection for the screen and a film for the photosensors. Below is our guide to all of these protective accessories.

Bet on RhinoShield, the benchmark for iPhone 13 cases

On Amazon or elsewhere, there are a multitude of resellers of quality cases that sometimes leave something to be desired. So when you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on an iPhone 13, you better make sure you choose the right protective accessory. With 10 years of expertise, the RhinoShield brand has become a benchmark if you want to have the best case for your new iPhone.

RhinoShield offers you a case Actually impact resistant, whatever they are, with a wide choice of styles. Whether you prefer a sober design or want to show your passion for Harry Potter, Friends, Snoopy Where Naruto shippuden, everything is possible.

There are also all the other accessories to take care of your iPhone 13: screen protector, protective film for photo sensors … Enough to ensure that you have an iPhone 13 in excellent condition for a long time.

To view the full range of RhinoShield protectors:

Discover the RhinoShield range

Since its creation, RhinoShield has based its expertise on 3 shell models. The solidSuit shell, complete and robust, is the one with the best resistance to shocks. The Mod NX model is customizable and modular: give it a unique look by uploading photos and visuals that look like you. Finally, there are the CrashGuard NX which simply surround your iPhone. We are talking about bumper.

Whether you fall for SolidSuit, Mod NX or CrashGuard NX, you are sure to make an excellent choice. Indeed, Rhinoshield is known to offer the best iPhone 13 case. Even the biggest influencers in tech say so. Monsieur GRrr or TheiCollection are all celebrities who quote and try the brand regularly.

The best case for iPhone 13

If RhinoShield is at the top of the best hulls, it is not the only brand to be well positioned either. Spigen, Speck, Urban Armor Gear or even ESR are all brands to best protect your iPhone 13. Depending on your style but also your budget, you have the choice in the protection of your new smartphone. However, favor the big reputable brands so as not to fall into poor quality.

Here is our list of the best iPhone 13 cases with brands known to be reliable, sturdy and efficient. If you are more for an original hull, beware: many rely on aesthetics, to the detriment of toughness and robustness. However, this is the primary function of the hull.

As you can see, the protective cases for iPhone 13 usually cost between 15 and 40 euros. Compared to the total price of the smartphone, and especially compared to the cost of replacing a screen (between 250 and 360 euros depending on the iPhone 13 model), this is correct. And most importantly, you won’t have constant stress for it.

List of the best cases for iPhone 13:

RhinoShield cases are also available on Amazon. So if you prefer to go through the marketplace, it is possible. This can be interesting if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, for example. That said, you won’t necessarily be able to customize your case as you see fit, unlike the official store. But the basic hulls are accessible.

Although we are currently telling you about the best cases for iPhone 13, from mini to Pro Max, RhinoShield also offers protections for older models of smartphones. Thus, the premium brand also protects old iPhones, from iPhone 5, and certain high-end Android models (Galaxy S21, Mi 11, etc.).

coque iPhone RhinoShield
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Screen protection film

With a shell worthy of the name, protect the very structure of your smartphone. The goal is to absorb shocks in the event of a fall so as not to move the components in the case and thus create a happy mess in your device. Also remember to strengthen your screen. Despite the technology Ceramic Shield advanced by Apple, it is better to take precautions. Indeed, the new iPhone 13 has a magnificent OLED screen which is still quite fragile. And there is nothing more frustrating than having small scratches on a brand new device that cost you hundreds of dollars. No ?

We therefore advise you to bring a protective film to preserve your screen. Transparent and occupying the entire surface of the screen, the user is never bothered when browsing on their phone.

So, after comparing the best iPhone 13 cases, check out our list of the best screen protectors. You can find excellent ones at Apple (Belkin) or always at RhinoShield. If they are more expensive, they offer unparalleled quality. Finally, screen protector manufacturers usually ship several models in the same box so that you can switch from time to time.

Screen protection film:

Protective film for the back:

You can scratch your screen, but that’s not all. It sometimes happens to discover, with horror, scratches on the back of your mobile. If you are not a fan of covers for your iPhone 13, there is the protective film.

coque iPhone RhinoShield
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Protective film for photo sensors

On the other hand, protecting the photosensors of your iPhone 13 has utility and consistency. If scratches are troublesome especially aesthetically speaking, damaging your camera is another story. This part at the top left on the back of your phone is much more critical. And being more rounded than the back of the smartphone, it will first touch the support when you put it on any surface.

Therefore, great care must be taken not to scratch these photo modules. With excellent quality sensors, it would be a shame to damage them and not be able to use them. Fortunately, there are several solutions to protect the photosensors of your iPhone 13. You can opt for stickers that just protect each of the sensors. Otherwise, you may prefer the solution found in particular at Spigen: cover the photo square in its entirety. To choose, it is this second solution that we recommend because it will hold up better over time.

One last tip to protect your iPhone 13

Getting the best case and all the accessories we told you about to protect your iPhone 13 is good. But taking care of your smartphone on a daily basis is even better. Yep, it might be tricky to hold your new phone up if you don’t take good care of it. The few tens of dollars spent on your protection won’t be enough if you neglect your iPhone 13.

Indeed, even if the iPhone is more and more tenacious and robust, a tragedy quickly arrives and you must continue to pay attention to your smartphone. If you think your clumsiness will ruin you, you can add a level of security with the Apple Care + guarantee so you don’t have to spend too much in the event of damage. Otherwise, already save between 250 euros (for a 13 mini) and 361 euros (for a 13 Pro Max) in the event of damage to the screen. Yes, the bill is hefty.

Best price for iPhone 13 128 GB:

iPhone 13 128 GB at the best price
Base price: 909 €

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