The shortage of components also affects Apple and the iPhone 13

Apple must reduce the rate of its factories despite the strong demand for iPhone 13. The fault is a lack of components.

Every year, Apple customers line up impressive lines in front of Apple Stores to pick up their precious sesame, the new iPhone. But this year in particular, the iPhone 13 will be hard to find. The Apple phone is indeed affected by the shortage of components.

For reasons as health as geopolitical, semiconductors are scarce and many industries have been paralyzed for months. This is particularly the case for IT, but also for the automotive world.
Apple seemed so far spared by the shortage.

The first consequence of this shortage for the apple brand. The latter is forced to reduce its production, thus reducing delivery times for all customers. While the Cupertino giant planned according to the latest quarterly plans to produce up to 90 million copies, the apple brand should release 10 million less from its Asian factories by January 1, 2022, due to a lack of components .

Apple can’t keep all of its customers happy

According to information from Bloomberg, generally very knowledgeable when it comes to the Apple brand, Apple would not have managed to meet its sales targets by the end of the year. Apple’s suppliers, Broadcom and Texas Instruments, cannot keep up with the pace requested by the Cupertino company.

This is really disappointing news for Apple, which, like last year, benefited from very strong demand on the Asian and North American continent, according to Dan Ives, analyst of Wedbush.

Criticized during their presentation, the new models of the Apple brand seem despite everything to have attracted a growing audience year after year. Like last year, Apple took advantage of the start of the school year to present four phones : iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 as well as an iPhone 13 Pro and an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Despite the minor evolutions of this generation compared to the iPhone 12, new photos and videos like the arrival of ProRes or the great novelty of the iPhone 13 Pro with regard to video, the “cinematic mode”.

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