The video of this Porsche 962 C restored to its original condition from 1987 is the most beautiful thing you will see today

This brand new prototype of the Group C that was created for Le Mans It has come back to life after a meticulous restoration work carried out by the “Porsche Heritage and Museum”, which has managed to return it to its original condition after a year and a half of hard work.

Hans-Joachim Stuck has had to wait for almost 35 years to meet again with the 962 C that took him to victory in the missing ADAC Würth Supercup de 1987, but judging by the video of the results that those of Weissach have shared in their networks, the wait has been worth it.

A rolling work of art steeped in history

Porsche is already warming up to celebrate next year’s ’40 years of the disappeared Group C ‘. For this, his department “Porsche Heritage and Museum” has made a spectacular journey back in time and has returned to the Porsche 962 C the 1987 to the place where he was born: Weissach development center.

More of 18 months specialists have been slow to give the car a second youth, and for this they had to re-manufacture many of its parts. “It’s like coming home,” said a smiling Stuck, running his hand over the body of the car.

The German driver, who is now 70 years old, has even been able to get back at the controls of this vehicle that, as in the past, he wears the number 17 in his livery. The 962 C was one of the few cars that could be driven without teammates “and with the exact configuration I wanted: a car like this is never forgotten.”


Hans-Joachim Stuck at the wheel of the Porsche 962 C in the 1987 German Supercup race

In addition to Stuck, the 962C was witnessed by his racing engineer of the time, the illustrious Norbert Singer, and the designer Rob Powell, who was responsible for the black, yellow and red colors that give that image so characteristic to the aesthetics of the car.

After proclaiming himself the winner of the disputed ADAC Würth Supercup in Germany in 1987, the exterior of the car changed before the second race: the 200 Miles from Norisring, when Shell joined as a sponsor.

The car kept its yellow and red colors throughout the following season and Stuck always did his best to successfully defend the Supercup title. But not long after, this 962 C’s days of glory on the track are over.


So, he adopted the role of test car in the Aerodynamics department in Weissach and later became one of the reference models in the Porsche vehicle collection. Those most responsible for the restoration of the car have been Armin Burger y Traugott Brecht, from the department of historic cars within Porsche Motorsports.

The experts counted on the collaboration of the rest of the departments of the brand to carry out their mission and completely rebuilt the underbody of the prototype, changed the arrangement of the radiators and made many other adjustments to the bodywork.

They were even mentored by Powell and Singer themselves. In fact, Powell provided several original stencils and sketches in order to faithfully restore the car’s design.


Stuck, moments before testing the restored 962 C

As for Stuck, who was involved in the development of the car, he highlighted among other things his admiration for the Porsche dual-clutch transmission that debuted at race pace in the 962. “Being able to keep your hands on the wheel when changing gears At full speed it seemed great to me and it made me feel very comfortable from the beginning ”. Today, PDK change is a very widespread element in the brand’s model range.

The 962 C made its first public appearance a few weeks ago at the Porsche Museum Digital Sound Night, although it will not be the only one: over the next year we will be able to see it as part of various events.

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