They cut back the number of copies of the iPhone 13 family by 10 million

They are forced to reduce not because of a lack of interest, but because of a lack of chips.


It is not new that the lack of chips is full mobile market forces into a difficult position, but so far it has seemed Apple is in such a good partner position with its adjusters that their production will be least affected by the problem. At least so far. According to Bloomberg, Apple is now in a position to cut the originally planned 90 million units – which would have been for the iPhone 13 family in 2021 – by 10 million, so we can only count on 80 million units for more special models. and there is still a good chance buyers will have to wait for a while.

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The main cause of the slippages at Broadcom and Texas Instruments is the lack of chips and components for wireless communication that power the OLED display from seamless manufacturing. Large chip manufacturers warn that the general chip situation is unlikely to resolve itself in weeks or a few months, and next year it is still certain that demand may exceed supply.

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