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A high-performance Viomi air purifier can be purchased cheaply

The interesting thing is that Xiaomi’s sub-brands also do air purifiers, moreover, Viomi made a distinctly similar. Thus practically itself a competition with the company, but obviously there is some market explanation for why they do this, but we in Hungary will certainly not find the answer.

A Viomi Air Purifier Pro practically almost the same as the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro. Its air supply is 500 cubic meters per hour, but a different filter was added. It consists of four parts that can be physically separated from each other. The first is a coarse nylon filter, then comes the silver and resonant HEPA filter, then a removable, activated carbon layerand the fourth cleaning element is UV light. It also has a PM sensor and a TVOC sensor, which continuously measures the air quality of the apartment, which can be seen on the side LED display who writes. There are also four touch buttons on it, with the first you can turn it on, with the second you can turn on the UV light, with the third you can switch modes, and with the fourth you can connect it to your phone.

An interesting mosquito trap was built into the back of the device, which lures the insects there with a blue light and then captures them if they fly through the hole. Extremely interesting plus feature, but if it works, it’s really useful.

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