Activision intends to fight cheating with this new tool

Call of Duty games will soon benefit from Activision’s new anti-cheat, which will be available in a few weeks.

For many players, November 5 means the release of Call of Duty Vanguard. For the occasion, Activision had already announced that the game will be linked to Call of Duty Warzone, his free-to-play battle royale. However, many already fear the arrival of cheating on Vanguard, who is already rampant in Warzone. Rest assured, Activision has planned a solution, which the studio unveils today.

In a few weeks, a new anti-cheat will be deployed in these two games Call of Duty, and it is called Ricochet. The imagery speaks for itself, Activision wants to make such an effective barrier against cheating that it would simply ricochet and not affect games. This is in-house software, which will be deployed in Vanguard at its exit and in Warzone a little later in the year.

In its press release, the studio explains: “ The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Initiative is a multi-faceted approach to fighting cheating, with new server-side tools that monitor scans to identify cheating, improved investigation processes to eradicate cheaters, updates to strengthen account security, etc. »

On its site, Activision develops the founding principles of this new anti-cheat, which is intended to be more efficient than any previously deployed. Do not hesitate to take a tour to find out what awaits you in Warzone and Vanguard within the next few weeks.

Will Ricochet really be effective?

With this new tool, Activision wants to tackle a plague that plagues several online multiplayer shooters, as in Destiny, Valuing, the Call of Duty or even the Battlefield, to recite nobody else but them. In recent months, the studios have been working to fight more cheaters who take up more and more space on the servers and with always efficient software.

On the anti-cheat side, however, technologies do not seem to keep pace and struggle to compete with the dark side of the force. So hopefully Ricochet will do the trick regarding Warzone and Vanguard, although many updates will surely be necessary to keep up with the frenetic pace of cheaters.

For now, Activision has not specified whether the Ricochet anti-cheat will be deployed on other games in the Call of Duty franchise in the future.

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