After Apple, Google is attacking Epic Games

After a tumultuous lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, Google comes to put its two cents in filing a complaint against the studio.

The legal battle between Apple and Epic Games is not yet over, a third participant already decides to take part in the adventure. It is Google, which has just filed a complaint against Epic Games for non-compliance with the rules of the Google Play Store. This comes after it has been several months since Epic Games itself filed a complaint against Google, for the same reasons as for Apple.

Google takes Apple’s example

As a reminder, following an update introducing a direct payment method on Fortnite, Epic Games’ battle royale was kicked out of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, as the studio had intentionally bypassed app store rules. Following this, Epic Games filed a complaint against the two companies for illegal monopoly.

After 3 weeks of trial, Apple was ultimately not found guilty of such charges and Epic Games was forced to pay a colossal sum in damages. For its part, Apple was still obliged to offer several means of payment to its users, for which the firm wished to appeal not long ago.

In its momentum, and given the majority success for Apple in its lawsuit against Epic Games, Google has therefore decided to take the same path and sue Epic Games in return for having ” intentionally broken the terms of the contract From the Google Play Store. The firm stated in its complaint that Epic Games “ got rich unfairly at the expense of Google ».

A legal war that will never end

According to Google, what greatly differentiates its lawsuit from Apple’s is that developers would not have to go through the Google Play Store to offer their applications, unlike Apple. However, the question of the monopoly came back to the table when documents showed that Google would have paid certain manufacturers under Android, like LG and Motorola, so that they do not offer stores other than that of Google on their smartphones.

At the moment, the trial dates are not known, and we must not forget that Epic Games still has some things to work out with Apple. Indeed, if the conclusion of the lawsuit was mainly in favor of Apple, the two parties decided to appeal, which could spread the conflict over a few more years.

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