AirPods could help you stand up straight soon

Apple’s true wireless headphones could soon welcome new health sensors to measure your temperature and… your posture.

Health has become the sinews of war for many tech manufacturers, Apple in the front line. The Californian giant has never hidden its intentions in this sector, as evidenced by its most advanced product in the field, the Apple Watch, which is learning new skills year after year to help us stay in shape. another flagship product of the brand could claim it: AirPods. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is in fact trying to integrate health sensors into its true wireless headphones.

The media notably mentions the integration of a thermometer to measure the user’s body temperature, and alert them in the event of a problem. The brand would also test new motion sensors to detect the posture of the wearer and provide advice to improve it, a feature particularly interesting for those who spend the day in front of a computer screen and suffer from back problems.

the Wall Street Journal Also talks about new accessibility features to allow hearing impaired people to use AirPods as a real hearing aid. The firm has already started to move forward on this point with the Conversation Boost, a function introduced with iOS 15, and allowing AirPods Pro to serve as … sonotone.

Regarding new sensors, it will nevertheless be necessary to wait a few years before seeing them arrive on our devices. the Wall Street Journal indicates that these are only internal tests, and that these projects could very well end up being abandoned by the brand. In any case, do not expect this type of functionality for several years on AirPods, and even less on future AirPods 3 which should be presented this Monday, October 18 by Apple.

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