Eurobattery Minerals boss warns: Auto industry is dependent on foreign raw materials

The increasing need for Raw materials such as cobalt, copper, nickel and rare earths for car batteries arouses interest in deposits in Germany and Europe. The German auto industry is dependent on foreign countries for such minerals, warned the CEO of the Swedish company Eurobattery Minerals, Roberto Garca Martnez, at the International Automobile Congress in Zwickau. In addition, the raw materials are often extracted abroad under questionable ethical and ecological conditions – for example in countries such as Congo, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Chile.

His company has mining projects in Finland, Sweden and Spain. Germany could join them in the future, declared Martnez. Specifically, he spoke of copper production in Lusatia, which his company was considering. The boom in raw material prices makes deposits interesting that previously could not be mined economically under local environmental and social standards. In addition, there is a growing interest among manufacturers in battery minerals that have been sustainably promoted and that can be traced back.

Lithium from the Ore Mountains

Eurobattery Minerals is not the only company that has local raw materials in mind. Deutsche Lithium recently announced that it would start mining lithium in the Eastern Ore Mountains in 2025. The occurrence in the Zinnwald region is estimated at around 125,000 tons. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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