Germany will have the first lithium factory in Europe to produce batteries for electric cars

The German-Canadian company Rock Tech Lithium, will build in the country the first factory of lithium hydroxide in Europe for manufacture batteries for electric cars.

Germany is one of the European countries that is more committed to the electric car, with great plans in the manufacture of batteries, with up to 11 gigafactories, the biggest European bet so far.

Batteries for 500,000 electric cars


The plant will be built in the German city of Guben, in the eastern state of Brandenburg. The plan is to produce up 24,000 tons of lithium hydroxide per year. This amount would be enough to build batteries to power up to 500,000 electric cars.

The factory site, which occupies around 12 hectares, offers ample space for the construction of facilities for all production steps individual in the refining of lithium.

Also, by 2030, the cleantech company plans to get around 50% of raw materials used to manufacture these cells, from the recycling spent batteries.

“Our goal is to be the first company in the world to create a closed loop for lithium“says Dirk Harbecke, the CEO of Rock Tech Lithium.

The company extracts the raw material from mines it has in Ontario (Canada). In the new factory in Germany he will refine these mineral resources and get them ready for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells.

The company ensures that the plant will be ready to start to be produced from 2024 and that they will use clean and renewable energy of local origin to carry out the production process.

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