How to activate encryption of WhatsApp backups

Of the many novelties that are expected from WhatsApp, the end-to-end encryption of backups begins, from today Thursday, to be a reality. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announces that the arrival of this feature is beginning to roll out among all users of Android and iOS devices around the world.

What you have to keep in mind is that you will have to activate the encryption of the backup copies, since by default it will be disabled when it becomes available in the accounts themselves, since they admit that deployment will be slowIt is also necessary to have the latest version of the application available.

Once the requirements have been met, the following steps must be followed:

  • To open Settings
  • Walk into Chats
  • Walk into Backup copy
  • and enter End-to-end encrypted backup
  • Pressing Continue, follow the steps to create password or 64-digit encryption key
  • Press Ready

At this last point, WhatsApp indicates that:

wait for WhatsApp to prepare your copy of security end-to-end encryption. You may need to connect your device to a power source.

In any case, you will be ready to carry out end-to-end encrypted backups, on Google Drive for Android device users, and on Apple iCloud for iPhone users.

In this way, users will have their backup copies safe from possible access by third parties, where neither WhatsApp nor the service provider will be able to access the backed up content.

The downside is that users have to keep the data well because, if they lose the conversations and forget the password or encryption key, they will not be able to restore the backup copies they have available.

This feature was announced last September by the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, thus joining the end-to-end encryption that conversations on WhatsApp have been enjoying for more than five years.

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