How to censor images and documents by pixelating part of their content

Working with documents is synonymous in many cases with the handling of sensitive information. In the wrong hands, the circulation of strategic information of an organization, company, project or person is dangerous.

Despite the confidentiality with which these documents are usually treated, there are cases in which certain procedures or processes involve people outside the management nucleus. If you do not have the required trust, some of the information may be kept confidential. Thinking of digital documents, an online tool offers an easy option to censor part of the content of an image.

Redact Photo, an editor to partially pixelate images from the browser

In the past, to protect part of the information in a document, an impeding mark on a photocopy was enough, but today, with the use of digital documents, the task could be a bit more complex if some editing tools are not mastered.

Simplifying the editing process, Redact Photo offers a fast and intuitive mechanism. The tool can be run from the computer or mobile and does not require prior registration to start using it. In the central box that appears on your website, just drag an image or click on that space, and a dialog box is displayed to upload a file.

The selected image will be displayed along the page and on it, using the cursor or the touch screen, you can immediately begin to draw selections of areas to censor its content. The pixelated blocks can be readjusted at any time, changing their size or position as many times as necessary.

Along with its mentioned main function, this editor also allows to crop the treated images, flip them and rotate them. The obtained result can be downloaded as a JPG image.

You cannot use this tool with documents saved in PDF format. For that, it is necessary to convert them previously, because Redact Photo only supports image formats. The transfer action is simple with the help of some tool dedicated to conversion of these documents. It should also be noted that this service works with one image at a time, so if you want to edit documents with more than one page, it is necessary to repeat the process for each of them.

As it is a graphic editor, beyond the documents indicated as an example, this web application can be used to partially censor the content of photographs or any other piece contained in image format.

Redact Photo is a totally free tool and is only available from the web. On the site they present as a guarantee of privacy and security of the service that the images are not uploaded to the network, as they are processed locally in the browser.

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