How to save time when creating email marketing campaigns

It is not easy to create a template for an email marketing campaign. There are many factors that must be taken into account to attract attention and convey the desired message at the same time that the proposed metrics are achieved, but there are more and more tools that facilitate this work.

Now they have presented us with a function in Acrelia News that can help us a lot with the subject, a system that allows us to reuse only a part of a previously sent template or campaign, such as the header, or the footer, for example, so that each new campaign be a puzzle of the pieces that we created with such care in the past.

The objective is to avoid having to duplicate content and delete what we do not want. If we can reuse only what we need, we avoid having to edit more than necessary.

In Acrelia News they have presented two blocks specially designed to reuse content. We can reuse an element, a block or an entire message, all without leaving the Acrelia editor.

The normal thing in the campaigns is to always use the same header and the icons of the social networks in the foot. With this new function we can reuse that part and change the body of the message without wasting time.

In addition to headers and icons, we can also reuse sections for temporary campaigns, such as lists of Black Friday promotions, or discounts for Christmas, for example. We can reuse blocks of campaigns designed in the past and then change the links to new products, keeping the structure and design that were successful in the past.

Another option would be to mix news, photos and announcements from previous campaigns, as a reminder. It is thus possible to make a monthly summary of the highlights of the previous campaigns in a few minutes, reusing the blocks of those news that we want.

bloques Acrelia News

To use this function we just have to click on the “Add content from another campaign” or “Add content from a template” block, choose the place where the original content is located and select what we want to reuse, it’s that simple.

In this article you have videos with the step by step: click here

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