Instagram wants you to avoid technical problems in the middle of Live

Still with a view to meeting the needs of content creators, Instagram will deploy several tools intended to facilitate the distribution of Lives on the platform.

And Instagram already allows you to schedule a publication in advance, content creators regularly point out the limited resources granted to Lives. Unlike YouTube, TikTok, and even Facebook, which belongs to the same group, Instagram seems never to have taken the time to give live broadcasts the means they deserve. A situation that could change, however, with the arrival of two new tools for content creators.

Instagram wants to promote Lives

First feature formalized this week by Instagram, the possibility of schedule Lives up to 90 days in advance. If the deadline seems long, the platform seems convinced that it will allow content creators to ensure upstream promotion of their work, ensuring in the process to reach a maximum audience. Moreover, while the countdowns were so far accessible only in story, it will now be possible to add them to a classic publication.

No more technical problems

Another very practical tool, the possibility of switching to mode Practice (training) before broadcasting a Live. A feature requested for some time by influencers, and which should allow them to prepare in real conditions before the arrival of viewers. No more last minute technical problems, bugs and backlighting, it will now be possible to check your Internet connection in advance, but also your lighting and microphone. Guests will also be able to take part in this training, to ensure that everyone is operational before the start of hostilities.

Since April, Instagram has multiplied the tools for content creators. After the possibility of broadcasting Lives audio en direct, in the manner of Clubhouse, the platform is now working to keep its most influential creators, by offering them more options to professionalize – and therefore monetize – their work.

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