Is FIFA changing its name for the sake of money?

A new report has made a financial connection to EA’s decision to possibly change the name of its FIFA franchise.

A week ago, EA announced to its players that its legendary football game franchise FIFA could change its name, after more than a decade of loyal service. According to the studio, this has something to do with the fact that FIFA does not represent the diversity of teams and championships present in the game, which is its strength.

However, a new report appeared in the New York Times could undermine these hazardous explanations. Indeed, according to the media outlet, it seems that if EA wants to change the name of FIFA, this is because FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) would ask the studio for almost double the initial sum to recover the naming rights in the future.

FIFA wants to capitalize on FUT mode

Also according to the report, the contract between the association and EA would end in 2022, which means the company is currently in negotiations for the next contract. These are supposed to end this year and have been going on for over two years already. However, EA and FIFA still do not seem to have reached an agreement, both financially and in terms of the terms of the contract.

The fact that FIFA wants to renegotiate the price requested from EA for the name of its license seems quite legitimate, when we know that EA is making a lot more profitable its game than a few years ago. Just with the FUT mode and its loot boxes, EA is said to have earned over $ 1 billion in 2021 alone. FIFA would therefore ask close “ $ 1 billion more for each four-year cycle of the World Cup ».

EA prepares its players for the name change

On the studio side, things seem to be moving in favor of a name change for the next edition of the game. Recently, several name filings have been seen in Europe and the UK, with the mention “EA Sports FC”, which could be the next name of FIFA.

While this is not well received by many players, EA is trying to make the transition a smooth one, which is why an announcement was made ahead of the change. However, nothing is certain yet, and EA could just as easily cover its back in the extreme case negotiations with FIFA fail. See you in 2022 to find out the end of the story.

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