It will be done automatically when you connect the Bluetooth

With the upcoming arrival of Android 12, drivers will have to use the Google Assistant Driving Mode for get around when they’re driving. The problem was that the way to access this driving mode was not the easiest for everyone and Google has decided to improve it.

And, the new version of the operating system brings news in terms of driving modes. Until now, Android users could use the Android Auto app as a navigation app, but that has changed.

You just need to get in the car


In terminals where the new one is already available Driving Mode Through the assistant, the way in which this option was activated was with the voice command “Hey Google, let’s drive” (Hey Google, let’s drive), but it was not available in Spanish. Although it can also be done through Google Maps.

For this reason, and to facilitate its use worldwide, Google allows you to configure, through the Assistant settings, start driving mode automatically once the phone detects that it has connected to the car’s Bluetooth, although the option to ask before starting can also be enabled.

In this way, it will be possible to avoid that, every time you go to drive, you have to tell the phone the voice command, if not that we will be able to start browsing directly by connecting our terminal.

Still the Driving Mode of Google Assistant is not available for all devices, as its arrival is being in a staggered way to the different users But, once it lands, Android Auto will only be available on devices that don’t update to Android 12.

In addition, the tech giant is developing some vehicles Android Automotive OS, a new operating system that does not depend on a smartphone to functionSimply connect it to the vehicle by cable or wirelessly.

Google continues to improve its applications for both Android and iOS. The Google Maps app now launches a new search widget with navigation shortcuts and, starting next year, show the greenest routes instead of the shorter ones for fight climate change.

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