no season 2 on Netflix?

The hit series Squid Game might not have a season 2, and it’s the director himself who says so.

Arrival without even being announced in the programming of the month by Netflix, the series Squid Game surprised the whole world with record numbers. The South Korean work, currently composed of nine episodes, has eclipsed the rest of the catalog. The Money Heist, Sex Education or The Chronicles of Bridgeston, none of these mythical series of the platform have made the weight facing the tidal wave from Seoul.

After the planetary success of the first season, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of the series, gave an interview, to say the least, astonishing to the Hollywood Reporter. While the whole world awaits the continuation of the adventures of Seong Gi-Hun with a second season, especially since the end of the first which lends itself particularly well, the main interested party is not of this opinion.

“It’s true that the first season has an open end, but I also thought it would actually be a good way to end the series.” So the director, who also announced that writing the first nine episodes had taken him 14 years, doesn’t seem to be leaving for season two, especially since he knows he’s expected at the turn.

A season 2: nothing less on

“Because of all this pressure, I haven’t decided yet whether or not I should do another season. “ It is with this little sentence that the South Korean director sowed panic in the ranks of the fans of the series, who are now millions to tremble with impatience.

Despite this small sentence, full of meaning, the director has not closed the door to a return of Squid Game on our screens. According to him, the millions of people who have seen the series are so many ideas for the future; “They all have a different opinion on how the series should evolve, which is a huge source of inspiration” he confided to the Californian newspaper.

While waiting to know whether or not season 2 of Squid Game will one day be available on Netflix, the first nine episodes – which makes up the first season – are still available on the platform at N rouge. And if you are not yet convinced, you can always read our review here.

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