Online discussion of Tesla criticism ends: authorities investigate objections

The timeline for the decision on Tesla’s first electric car factory in Europe is still open. The three-week discussion of over 800 objections to the factory ends on Thursday – from Friday, the authorities then examined whether there were new findings and tests, said the spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Environment, Frauke Zelt, on Thursday. How much time this will take is still open. According to the ministry, there have been around 29,400 hits on the site since September 27.

Tesla boss Elon Musk said at an open house last Saturday in Grünheide that he wanted to start producing electric cars there by December at the latest. Critics fear problems with drinking water and with the habitat of plants and animals. Tesla had rejected the criticism.

The new online discussion had become necessary because Tesla had updated its building application, among other things, because of the planned battery factory on the site of the so-called Gigafactory. Because the final approval for the factory is still missing, Tesla has so far been building it on the basis of preliminary approvals. (dpa / swi)

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