Philips Hue 4.7 will make all scenes dynamic

Philips Hue has not only brought numerous new hardware products onto the market in the past few weeks, but has also done a lot of tweaking on the software. In addition to the new gradient function and the Spotify integration, we were also pleased about the introduction of the dynamic scenes.

These dynamic scenes work very easily and are integrated directly into the room view. After selecting a scene, all you have to do is press the play button to start the animation. I’ve already shown you this in a little video:

So far, the dynamic scenes only work with the supplied scenes from the Hue light scene gallery. But as already announced, Philips Hue is working on an improvement here. As I have learned, the functionality will be expanded with the upcoming update to version 4.7 of the Hue app.

With the update you will not only be able to use ready-made scenes as dynamic scenes, but also image-based scenes and scenes you have created yourself. Here, too, the animation is started after activating the scene via the play button.

At first, the dynamic scenes will run very slowly. An adjustment of the speed should not be planned with the update to version 4.7.

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