Photon Ultra, 8 Things I Loved About This Resin 3D Printer, And 4 That I Didn’t

In January 2022, the long-awaited Anycubic Photon ultra will be available on the market, the resin 3D printer that they are already selling for about $ 400 on kickstarter, and that I have been testing for a few weeks (yes, I am that lucky).

As I already mentioned a few days ago, it uses DLP technology, it is not an LCD screen like in traditional resin printers, and that means that there are no light leaks, since the black pixels are really black (like in an OLED screen) , since the mirror responsible for that pixel simply points, it hides.

But hey, technicalities out, what matters is the result, not the theory, and for this I have created a video showing some of the thumbnails that I have been able to make with this printer:

I will summarize it with a list of 8 things that I have loved about this printer:

– It only weighs 4 Kg, it is very portable.
– Consume only 12W, Practically nothing.
– Can do 0.01 mm resin covers. That is, I can print a skull from a 3mm tall skeleton and see its eyes, nose and teeth perfectly.
– The plate is coming textured, so the figure practically never fell into the resin during the printing process (except once I tried very low UV power).
– It does not use an LCD screen, so the spare parts they are much cheaper.
– Hold on with 20,000 hours of work, ten times more than the Monkey X that I am also in love with.
– The program that comes with it is very good calculating supports.
– Costs less than 400 euros on kickstarter (where it is usually cheaper than when it hits the market).

And 4 things that could improve:

– The printing surface it is small, so it is “only” suitable for miniatures and jewelery that are no taller than 16 cm. Actually, being DLP, the size will always be a limit, that’s why I have the Mono X for large prints and the Ultra for thumbnails.
– Is very difficult to cleanNo matter how careful you are, there are always resin stains on the lid.
– Still not compatible with lychee slicer. The fact that it is DLP and that it is not “officially” on the market yet, means that traditional programs are still not the best idea, although I have managed to modify the STL with them to take them to the Photon Ultra program later. .
– The touch screen it is very small for those who have big toes.

You can still find it on, where they have accumulated almost 2 million dollars during this campaign.

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