Shortage of chips: Mercedes-Benz temporarily stores Sprinter at trade fair

The ongoing supply crisis for microchips is causing the Daimler Group to take unusual measures in Lower Saxony as well. At the exhibition center in Hanover, there are now many Mercedes-Benz flatbed trucks “on stockpile”. Like models from numerous other manufacturers, the vehicles cannot be fully equipped with the necessary semiconductor components. The company is therefore temporarily storing them in the large parking spaces around the fairground, as a spokeswoman explained.

It is primarily the platform truck version of the Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz Vans. According to Daimler, the use of the additional parking space near Hanover is “a completely normal process in automobile production”. The area in the south-east of the Lower Saxony state capital is one of several logistics areas around the world that could be used for interim parking.

End not in sight

“There are many reasons for temporarily storing vehicles,” explained the company. Specifically, it is about the supply crisis for semiconductors – currently probably the biggest problem facing industry. A very large number of almost finished cars cannot be delivered to customers because of a lack of chips. Suppliers such as Volkswagen, BMW or the truck division of Daimler sometimes have to proceed in a similar way due to the shortage of electronic components. How long this will last cannot be reliably said, said Mercedes-Benz Vans: “The situation is still volatile.” (dpa / swi)

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