The bendable Oppo gossip collection continues to grow

They heard about Snapdragon 888 and a Mate X2-sized panel in China, and a little delay.


Oppo is not just Huawei Mate X2has shown around 8 “inward-closing prototypes in recent months, but for example pull-out panel concept device, which worked, but has not yet become a product. There have been several targets for Oppo to try its hand in the foldable market for the first time, for which the Digital Chat Station can add some specifications.

Hajlítható Oppo koncenciókészülék
Foldable Oppo conference device (source: GSM Arena) [+]

The test machine in the hands of the engineers uses an AMOLED panel with a resolution of 7.8 “to 8”, 2K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate, and a Snapdragon 888 chip. The system is Android 11 with ColorOS 12. Although the Qualcomm chip just spread to mobiles this year, and next year the buyer would love to see the Snapdragon 898 in a poison-expensive style product, according to the source, the premiere of the bendable Oppo will slip by 2022.

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