The Samsung W22 5G was introduced

Or we could say: the Chinese Galaxy Z Fold3, with black and gold marks.


It used to be a modern-day, folding Samsung clamshell smartphone in China Z Flip elsewhere, however, the W series has not yet introduced a foldable screen a few years ago, but one outside and one inside, the latter with traditional buttons.

The Samsung W2019 is still in the form of a traditional handset
The Samsung W2019 is still in the form of a traditional handset [+]

Then came the Fold series and the bendable panel, so in China although the serial name and premium look remained, the W21 5G became nothing more than second Fold relabelling. The same fate befell the With Fold3: a W21 5G a same device that turned up with us, just got a few more eye-catching or, say, luxury tickets.

A Samsung W22 5G
A Samsung W22 5G [+]

The promotional materials are dominated by black and gold with a custom logo, and the Chinese edition also features a few matching wallpapers and an always active display theme. Otherwise, the 6.2 “and 832 x 2268 pixel exterior and the 7.6” and 1768 x 2208 pixel internal AMOLED display, the triple 12 megapixel rear camera, the 10 megapixel front panel closed and the 4 megapixel hidden in the screen.


It also has the Snapdragon 888 5G chip, as well as support for a 25-watt rechargeable 4400 mAh battery and the S Pen stylus. The AW series has always received an extra premium price, and it hasn’t changed now: the price of 17,000 yuan equals 817,000 forints, in exchange for a 16/512 GB package, and if I start from the above package, it’s part of the package a no less eye-catching case or black stylus.

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