They develop a lighting system to see mobile notifications from the pocket

With how naturalized the use of the mobile is today, taking it out of your pocket is a routine act, which at times is almost carried out as a reflex. However, there are times when for safety, convenience, or other reasons, taking out the phone is not the most viable option.

Thinking about these specific scenarios, a team of researchers developed a technology that uses LED lights to display information from the mobile through the fabric of the pocket.

PocketView, a luminous notification system for the mobile

This development had its origin in the University of Waterloo, Canada, remaining to date in the prototype phase. It basically consists of a series of high-power LED indicators, which can shine through the fabric of clothing. Although its use is mainly visualized on mobiles, the prototype can also be adapted to other smart devices, such as key rings or pens.

The purpose of PocketView is to convey relevant information through a simple mechanism. You can display email, message, call, weather, or GPS notifications. As the attached image shows, the system is quite simple in appearance, displaying basic icons in monochrome lighting.

It does not entail great difficulty to review the information of the notifications supported by PocketView through the traditional mechanism, looking at the mobile screen. However, there are specific occasions when the proposed system can provide important utility. For example, while riding a bicycle, this luminous notification system can provide navigation data or simply notify an important call or message, reducing the distraction and potential danger involved in interacting with the mobile in that context.

On the practical utility of PocketView, Daniel Vogel, associate professor of computer science at Waterloo, commented to your university: “Obviously, we are focused on the technological and programming side of the invention. But even as a fashion accessory, it’s something that people told us they wanted. People could wear it in clubs or in sports or in many other ways. It is something so simple but also such a radical idea that it has a lot of potential ».

Currently, PocketView is being developed as an external device, which as an accessory can be used with mobiles or gadgets. Despite that, the next destinations of this invention are not yet fully defined, as its creators also consider the possibility of integrating it as one more component of their destination devices. Under this logic, PocketView could be an interesting contribution to folding mobile phones, which have recently burst onto the market again.

If you want to see this new invention at work, its development team published a video showing some of their prototypes in action.

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