This is the new Vive Flow HTC, HTC’s Virtual Reality device for individuals

After years directing Virtual Reality devices to the business sector, from HTC they now want to focus on end consumers through the new HTC Vive Flow, which the company will launch next November, although it is already open to pre-orders worldwide for anyone who wants to have it.

Input, It is a VR device that is lighter and offers lower performance than the business options, which is designed based on a pair of sunglasses, avoiding the use of the usual designs of conventional Virtual Reality helmets, apparently thick and heavy.

In this sense, the new HTC Vive Flow offers a 1.6K (1600 x 1600) LCD screen per eye, with 100º field of view and 75Hz refresh rate, lagging behind the company’s other Vive devices, as well as competing devices.

Users will have a focus dial to tailor your vision in each eye. The execution power will come from the hand of the Qualcomm XR1 processor accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, without expansion options.

The new HTC Vive Flow it will have two front cameras for tracking motion from the inside out, although at the moment it will not support hand tracking. This model does not have a controller, opting instead for the link to an Android mobile connected wirelessly, which will act as a pointer and selector. For the moment, iPhone mobiles are ruled out.

While this device RV it has a small internal battery, users must rely on external power batteries to be able to use the device for hours, leaving the internal battery available to avoid disconnection of the device in the exchange of external energy sources.

The connection with the Android mobile It will allow to reflect the applications of the same in the virtual reality environment and interact with themAlthough the device itself will initially have 100 of its own applications, which will amount to 150 by the end of the year in its own application store. Among the applications is one specialized in meditation, called Tripp, one of virtual reality therapies called MyndVR, as well as the social spaces of Vive Sync.

This new device HTC, which in Europe will come out at a price of 554.00 euros, is especially intended for older users who see the current virtual reality helmets intimidating or complicated, also looking for a flexible and light option that allows its use even during travel .

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