TikTok wants to ban haters from its lives

The Chinese platform wants to protect its users, by offering them the possibility of censoring any troublemaker from their live.

After Instagram and Facebook, TikTok also gave in to the call of livestreams. Fatally, the platform must also deal with the trolls. To avoid problematic situations, the company now allows the transfer of an overly insistent viewer during broadcasting. A way to keep control of a live, while ensuring that the platform remains a healthy environment.

Give back control to creators

According to Eric Han, head of the US security team at TikTok, mutating a person during a live will not only silence them, but will also delete their entire comment history on the live stream. An option which will be temporary, but which can be repeated if necessary. Note that the lives already allow you to disable comments by default, and to filter specific keywords that would be deemed inappropriate by the host of the live.

It must be said that TikTok is not at its first attempt. For several months now, the social network, long accused of all evils by the Trump administration, has been doing its best to improve its image. This requires in particular the implementation of several tools, intended to secure content creators while ensuring a protected space for its young community.

Since last July, TikTok has already offered Internet users who post a comment to think twice before posting offensive content. The platform had already welcomed this initiative, which would have led – according to its own figures – nearly 40% of Internet users to modify or delete their comment.

TikTok in online hate raid

In a transparency report posted on its official blog, TikTok also commented on online harassment videos. In total, between April and June 2021, these are 81,518,334 videos that were deleted from the platform. If the figure seems huge, it should however be placed in context, since it actually represents only 1% of the some 90 million videos posted daily on the platform, for a total of 80.1 billion.

The following are therefore affected by this drastic moderation: hateful content relating to harassment, but also sexual representations, violent or illegal activities, as well as content involving the safety of minors. For several months now, the platform has been working on remove the mentions to several trends, which for example encourage students to steal objects from their schools. Since July, this type of content has also been the subject of a automatic moderation before publication. A device that seems to work, since TikTok estimates 5% unjustified deletion rate.

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