Time management for Windows, a new program to record what we do

rize time

There are many apps of the timetracker type, applications in which we have to record the beginning and end of our activities so that we have a complete report at the end of the day.

I personally use clockify, but I recognize that there are so many alternatives that it is difficult to bet on one or the other.

Today I present an installable option that has existed for MacOs since May, and that today is born for the Windows world.

It is about Rize, an application that offers the following:

– Customizable categories: to better group the tasks we do.
– Daily report by email: with productivity metrics and time breakdown.
– Smart break notifications: alerts us when we have to rest based on work activity.
– Notification of working hours: Send a notification when we have worked a certain number of hours in a day to avoid overwork.
– Switches and context switch: To know which applications or websites interrupt the most.
– Automated Tracking Hours: To automatically start and stop tracking work activity based on a set schedule.
– Google Calendar integration: to create categorization rules for meetings.
– Categorization of meetings: to group them based on keywords such as recruitment, interviews, stand-up, etc.
– Project tagging: to tag blocks of time with project tags to further segment how time is spent.
– Project analysis: To see how much time we spend on each project over time.

It is possible to try it for free at for 14 days, after that it costs about $ 10 a month. It is not cheap at all if we consider that there are free alternatives that offer many functions, although I admit that Rize is the most complete that I have seen so far.

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