Venta Home App – Update turns the app into a room air advisor

The manufacturer Venta has updated its Venta Home App, turning it into a kind of air quality advisor.

Up to 8 different room air values

The manufacturer Venta is firmly established in the air purifier market and has built up a broad portfolio with its various air washer models. Smart models are also part of the Venta range, which can be controlled via the Venta Home app.

An update brings new functions to the Venta Home, which makes the app a consultant for indoor air. The values ​​transmitted by the devices can now be viewed in the app. This includes fine dust in three sizes, CO2, VOCs (gases), formaldehyde, humidity and temperature.

In the future, the measured values ​​will be displayed in the Venta Home app for each room or measuring point. Each measured value can be tapped with a click and the users: inside receive an interpretation of the measured values ​​including a recommendation for action to bring the room air back to an optimal state. A color code of up to 6 levels (according to AQI) shows possible fields of action at a glance: White = no need for action – yellow / orange = attention required – red / dark red / brown = need for action.

The Venta Home app is available for both iOS and Android.

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