Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro: Robot vacuum and mopping machine on offer at Cyberport as a daily deal


Cyberport offers the Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro vacuum-mopping robot as a daily deal at a very affordable price. We present the offer to you in more detail.

There are regular daily deals at the electronics retailer Cyberport, where certain products are reduced in price for a short time. Are you looking for a vacuum robot? Then you should take a closer look at today’s offer on October 14th. The Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro is temporarily much cheaper than other retailers.

Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum

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Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro

  • Can vacuum and mop

  • Up to 180 square meters with one charge

  • Selective room cleaning

  • Variable Wischwasserregelung

  • Controllable by app and voice

For the Xiaomi Mi Mop Pro, only 199 euros are currently due. A very good price, because other retailers still charge at least 267 euros.

To the offer at Cyberport


Offer in detail

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro has a decent suction power of 2,100 Pa. The device can not only vacuum, you can also wipe the apartment or house with a damp cloth. For this purpose, the device offers three different levels of mopping water and, thanks to the V-shaped mopping path, also removes more stubborn stains.

You can control it via the corresponding Xiaomi Home app or by voice. Of the Vacuum robot has various sensors for accurate navigation and can also clean individual rooms if required.

With virtual walls and restricted zones, you can simply demarcate areas in which you should not vacuum or wipe. One battery charge is sufficient for up to 180 square meters. But even larger areas are no problem for the vacuum robot, as it automatically drives to the charging station and continues work after charging.

The offer is very good. You get a high quality device at a more than good price.

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