10.4 liters for 1,004 hp

In the era of electrification, Chevrolet It surprises us with the announcement made today that it puts on sale an atmospheric V8 with 10.4 liters of displacement and 1.004 CV at 6,600 rpm and 1.188 Nm of torque at 5,600 rpm. Be careful, we are talking about 1,004 CV according to the US standard (1,004 HP), which is equivalent to about 1,017 CV on this side of the pond. It is what has been an animalada. And the good ones.

When Mopar announced a 1,000 hp engine called Hellephant, GM did not take it very well. Last July they launched the Chevrolet CUP Camaro available with a 9.4-liter V8. That huge V8 was, to this day, the largest displacement engine in the American automobile industry.

Obviously, both the 9.4-liter V8 of the COPO Camaro and this 10.4-liter V8 are engines intended for competition projects, basically dragsters, as well as for restomods, hot-rods and other crazy things that a lucky few can afford.

This new V8, whose name is ZZ632/1000, exceeds 1,000 hp only thanks to the displacement, without the help of supercharging of any kind. As they used to say on the other side of the pond: there’s no replacement for displacement, which would come to be in a free translation something like “nothing can replace the increase in displacement”.

The engine has a displacement of 632 ci (cubic inches), which is to say, it is huge, with a capacity of 10.4 liters that puts even monsters like the Bugatti Chiron or the Dodge Viper, 8.0 liters and 8.2 liters, respectively.

Chevy V8 10.4 litros 1.004 CV

The COPO Camaro is one of the cars that would accept this 10.4-liter V8

It’s more than any road car could ever need. But this thing is made for racing. The huge iron block motor can handle what is not written.

Chevrolet says that in the prototype phase, the engine has endured more than 200 acceleration strokes without failing a single time. Although it is true that it was a simulation on a power bank, it is still a sign of reliability.

V8 Zz632 Power And Torque Curve

1,004 HP son 1,017 CV y ​​876 lb-ft son 1,188 Nm from per motor.

However, it is not a totally new engine. Its cast iron block is the same as in the V8 of the COPO Camaro. To increase the displacement, the cylinders have a diameter increased by 0.040 inches (1.016 mm) and the stroke (the displacement we mentioned) has been increased by 9.525 mm.

Chevrolet says the block also had to be modified to accommodate this larger race, and features new custom-made connecting rods.

The Detroit automaker hasn’t listed a price tag for this impressive new beast, but a 727-hp 9.4-liter V8 typically costs about $ 16,000. The price of this new engine is expected to be higher.

For those who can settle for with only 1004 CV for a price that should exceed 15,000 euros, the ZZ632 / 1000 will go on sale in early 2022.

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